• Back ground music                                                                                                               

With internal MP3 player; CD and radio tuner: 1 Controlled via buttons on the front panel, 2 The audio sources read the program to do playing; users could control them freely via software installed in PC;

  • Paging                                                                                                

Support local paging and remote paging; users could do remote paging to all zone or designated zone;

  • Zoning                                                                                                               

Could control 10 zone: Selecting the corresponding buttons on the front panel to achieve zoning control easily and it could be expanded from 10 to 160 via doing cascade.

  • Programmable     

Support power management, zoning control and auto play;                                                                                           

  • Monitoring

With internal monitor to listen to sound playing in any zone easily;

  • Voice Alarm

Support all zone alarm, designated zone alarm and adjacent alarm;

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