• Built-in 10 zone selector and paging selector, which can be expanded to 300 zones
  • Work together with remote paging console for paging and control over 10 zones.
  • Individual zone, group zones, 10 zones and all zones paging through remote paging console.
  • With memory function when power off, can realize the restoration after electricity be turn on
  • 2 channels 10 zones amplifier inputs(A channel for BGM amplifier and B channel for EMC/paging amplifier), in this way, the other zone's music system will not be interrupted when some zone is selected for paging.
  • 2 flexible amplifier connections: either 20 amplifiers wiring(10 BGM amps and 10 EMC/paging amps, there must be one of BGM amp and EMC/paging amp as one channel) and each of the 10 amps severs as one zone or 2 amplifiers wiring(1 BGM amp and 1 EMC/paging amp) and one amplifier divides into 10 zones.
  • Each zone power capacity is 500W, and the total ten zones's capacity is 5000W
  • 10 zone speaker output terminals
  • All zone alarm in (A/B 2 channels) and all zone alarm output (A/B 2 channels)
  • Two-color zones status indicators accurately indicate music, paging or alarm status
  • Mic 1-2 inputs, line 1-2 inputs, audio output
  • 3 levels of input priority from high to low: EMC input, Mic1, remote paging console (equivalent priority with built-in chime).
  • Built-in chime, chime volume and trigger are provided
  • Zone 1-10 selector, music/paging switch and all zone selector all are equipped with indicators.
  • Volume control over Mic 1-2 are provided
  • 2 RJ45 communication ports for paging console or cascade another paging controller
  • Dipswitch as ID address to be distinguished by controller or paging console




MIC1,2:600Ω ,5mV, unbalanced

Line1,2:10KΩ ,775mV, unbalanced



Frequency Response

MIC:100Hz~15KHz; Line: 30Hz~18KHz

S/N Ratio

MIC input: 60dB Line input: 80dB


MIC1, 2 VOL controls, 10 channel selectors,

chime button, power switch


Power LED, 10 paging channel LEDs

Power Supply

~110V/60Hz or~230V/50Hz or DC 24V

Power Consumption






Communication Protocol


Communication Input


Communication Speed



Panel: aluminum plate, black or golden (optional)

Case: steel plate, black

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